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Pipe Repair in York County can destroy your most valuable possession quickly. If you are dealing with leaking or burst pipes, our licensed plumbers at Family Plumbing & Pool Repair can help. We understand that when a pipe problem occurs you need professional help fast to minimize water damage and get your property back up and running again, so we are on call for emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience. With extensive experience and training in both residential and commercial piping, no job is too big or small for our skilled team.

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What Causes a Pipe to Burst?

A burst pipe can inflict a remarkable amount of damage, potentially dumping gallons of water into your property—ruining ceilings and drywall, and opening you up to mold growth—not to mention the large water bill. Understanding why pipes burst in the first place is your first line of defense to protect your home from that fate.

Causes of burst pipes include:

  • Aging or corroding pipes: While incredibly durable, pipes are not designed to last indefinitely. After some time, metal pipes can corrode and plastic pipes can become brittle, which affects the way they handle water pressure. Even the slightest increase in water pressure can spell disaster for aging pipes.
  • Severe clogs: Massive clogs can choke how water flows through your pipes, building up pressure within the system until your pipes tap out and burst.
  • Freezing and thawing: While the cycle of freezing and thawing pipes might seem specific to places that receive large amounts of snow fall, it can happen to anyone. If it is a particularly cold night, the water in your pipes can freeze. In the morning when you turn on a faucet, new water rushes in, warming the frozen areas back to liquid and causing a massive increase in water pressure.
  • Tree root intrusion: Many times, burst pipes are out of your control. In fact, tree roots are notorious for pushing on or even through pipes—causing leaking, pressure buildup, and bursting
  • Improper pipe installation: Pipework is an intricate and highly detailed process that should always be performed by a licensed professional. If your piping was completed improperly, it could mean joints and connections are not as strong as they should be, leading to leaks and eventually, bursts.

Rock Hill Repairs for Damaged Pipes

Family Plumbing & Pool Repair is a local plumbing company that genuinely cares about the safety and comfort of our neighbors, which is why we always go above and beyond to ensure our services exceed your every expectation. If a pipe has burst, you can count on our experienced, professional, and friendly plumbers to fix the problem in no time—using only the most highly rated products and time-tested techniques.

We have built a reputation throughout Rock Hill for being trustworthy and hard-working, treating every customer like family and offering full transparency throughout the entire repair process. We are a full-service plumbing company, so no matter what type of issue you are facing, our certified team will be by your side to help.

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