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Our Story

About York County Plumber

The Service professionals at York county Plumber have been friends for a long time. With decades of plumbing experience, we decided to draw on each another’s skills, talents, strengths, and abilities to build a plumbing service company unlike all others. Our techs are true artists at their craft, and we are skilled at custom builds and specialty requests.

More than that, from the very beginning of our company we have always set our sights on building personal relationships with our customers. We noticed this type of family relationship was missing from plumbing services in general and we seek to remedy that with every service. This is why we will always treat you like we ourselves would want to be treated, will never sell you things you do not need, and will always provide fair pricing.

Because of our focus on you, York County Plumber gives you the comfort of family and the skill of professionals. Call us today at (704) 323-0917  to learn more.

Our Promise to Our Customers

When you count on our team to handle your plumbing matter, you will benefit from all of the following, and more:

  • Our mission: We strive to provide the most reliable and efficient service, without compromising on quality or safety. We are committed to excellence, PERIOD!
  • Our vision: Our goal is to be known as the market leaders in York, Chester, and Lancaster counties and to be recognized for our commitment to service and innovation throughout the plumbing industry.
  • Our team: As a team, we always strive to achieve our best. We treat each other with respect and honesty to create a harmonious and safe working environment.
  • Our customers: Our customers are our most valuable asset and their requirements always come first. We will deliver a quality service that is second to none – reliably, efficiently, and safely – every single time. This is reflected in our flexibility, both as individuals and as a business.
  • Our values: It’s as simple as quality, integrity, respect, and team safety.

At Shane’s Plumbing Repairs, we’re the family YOU get to choose! Contact us today to learn more about our exceptional services.

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